Obsession Diesel T4 Kit


Year Model

Obsession Diesel is proud to offer a T4 turbo pedestal that is unparalleled for quality and convenience! Our pedestal is the only one on the market made of cast 304 stainless steel. Indestructible, classy, and a highly functional setup capable of handling the maximum horsepower you want to throw at it. All piping is stainless and tig welded. The uppipe bellows are the best in the industry. Obsession Diesel designed this kit with an easy to remove V-band setup so you can remove pipes and bellows quickly for modifications, repairs, and upgrades! This allows you to get back on the road in a snap!

Lead Time

All of these kits are made to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. 

NOTE: This kit can be used with stock fuel system and stock intake plenums by using our smaller boots and notching the pedestal to make room around the fuel pump allowing you to upgrade the fuel system down the road saving you some money.  For BEST RESULTS we do suggest upgrading your fuel system to an electronic fuel system and running upgraded 3" plenums

****Turbo Not Included****



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