Stage 1 Gen 2 KC300X 63/70 - 7.3 Powerstroke (94 - 97)


  • Brand: KC Turbo
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Stage 1 KC300X 63/70  


Recommended injectors: 180cc-30%/Stock

Minimum injectors: Stock

Maximum injectors180cc/30%


Features & Details:

  • 100% drop in turbo
  • 4" ported housing with anti-surge for high flow
  • 63mm 7x7 sxe style compressor wheel with extended tip technology
  • 70mm SXE style turbine wheel
  • Big Head Wastegate Actuator for elevated boost control
  • High Flow deleted EBPV outlet flange
  • Reliable Journal Bearing Design (Rebuildable)
  • Comes with all gaskets and orings to install
  • Comes with new 4" intake boot


This is a journal bearing turbo with a Borg Warner 300sxe Style turbine wheel, modified to fit inside a drop in ready Super Duty turbo. 

This turbo will surprise you at how well it runs! We have torture tested it for longevity, proven its capability on the dyno and at the Race Track. The 1.0 A/R Housing is intended to cool your egts above 3000 RPMS, for dedicated tow rigs and daily drivers the .84 A/R housing will provide a quicker spool and cooled EGT's below 3000 RPMs.

**We Highly Recommend adding these products for best results:**

  1. Upgrading your up-pipes (Link)
  2. Upgrading non EBPV Pedestal  (Link)
  3. Running a Hydra Programming Chip (link)


**EXHAUST BRAKES:  We get asked a lot about exhaust brakes and if they work with our turbos.  We have found that some brands have clearance issues and might cause the brake to hinder performance, rub the turbine wheel, or cause other issues.  These brakes typically use some sort of flapper to close which causes extreme exhaust back pressure to aide in braking.  This can be hard on a turbo and motor and is not recommended.  It will be up to the customer to verify fitment and functionality.**

**Picture is of a polished cover, these typically come sand cast unless specifically requested.  You may get a polished unit depending on stock.  Updated pics coming soon.  You can add a polished cover for an additional $250**


**Two week lead time on all polished covers**