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KDD Is proud to present their  7.3 Powerstroke Longblock engine packages.  Add performance and reliability to your Ford truck with our proven combination of state of the art blueprint machine work, high quality components and carefully hand assembled engines, tested on our ETS engine validation machine.

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Like all of their other award winning engine packages, their 7.3 engines start with a thorough disassembly and inspection process to qualify all cores to make sure they're up to our standards.  After cleaning, blocks are pressure tested to ensure no "pinholes" or "hairline cracks" or other defects make it any further in the process.  All bolt holes are carefully cleaned and inspected to ensure no rusted or damaged threads or bolt bosses make it to our customers.  Block machine work is performed in our brand new state of the art RMC V40 CNC machine, which completes the blueprint boring, decking and chamfering to reset all of the bore centerlines and head gasket surface back to factory geometry.  Blocks are then treated to a CNC torque plate hone in our new Sunnen SV-15 cylinder hone, where cylinder bores are honed within .0001" tolerance, as well as setting proper cylinder surface finish (RK, RVK, RPK, Mr1, Mr2, measured with state of the art Mitotoyo Profilometer) critical for proper piston ring seal, break-in and adequate oil retention and ring rotation for years of reliable service.  All blocks are also align honed to ensure the main housing bore is straight and true, with proper bearing clearance.  


All KDD rotating assemblies are balanced on their state of the art CWT 5500 balancing machine, to ensure proper balancing for the application, followed by micro-polishing and checked for straightness.  Genuine Ford rods are checked for straightness, new pin bushings installed, and optional ARP rod bolts available.  Optional Wagler, Carillo and Callies connecting rods available as well for extreme high horsepower applications.  


All 7.3 engines receive KDD's  award winning cylinder heads, 100% new USA made valves and springs go into every single head, after being pressure tested, heads are CNC machined/resurfaced on our RMC V30 CNC machine, new valve guides and seats, new genuine Ford injector cups are installed.  Our proprietary 5 angle plus top and bottom radius valve seat profile is machined on our Serdi 100 seat and guide machine - the industry standard for cylinder head machining.  


Performance camshaft and valve springs available for any application, from max effort towing to all out competition engines.  All KDD engines receive new USA made camshaft and lifters, chromoly pushrods and genuine Ford rocker arms.  Camshaft gear is tig welded to the camshaft to guarantee no failures even under the most demanding situations.  

All KDD engines come with a 3 year/unlimited mile warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. 


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