Big Changes For Team JeliBuilt '19 Season

We are excited to announce we have some big changes for the 2019 Season. After shedding nearly 1500 lbs. of weight in 2018, we will be competing in the 5.90 Index in the Outlaw Diesel Super Series along with a few other east coast events. A first for a 7.3L Powerstroke.


Jelibuilt wins Diesel TRUCK WARS!! 6.19 @ 112.9 MPH

Jelibuilt wins Diesel TRUCK WARS!!  6.19 @ 112.9 MPH
Team JeliBuilt took the win last night in Outlaw at Diesel Truck Wars. Fastest pass of the night was a 6.19 @ 112.9. We made some 6.3X passes, then a 6.21, followed by a 6.19. Special thanks to Paul's Custom Fabrication for setting us up with an awesome 4 link suspension. We were able to get the 60's in the 1.45-1.46's on its first outing. We are currently the world's quickest 7.3 4x4 and overall the 2nd quickest Powerstroke 4x4. More modifications coming this winter and 5 second 1/8 mile passes are looking promising in the spring!


In the July '17 issue of Diesel World, Brian Jelich, was featured in the magazine. His truck nicknamed, "Ron Burgundy", was top dog on the dyno with 1,082 RWHP (Nitrous) and 808 RWHP (Fuel) at the 7 Tree Jamboree in Tennessee. Brian also made the fastest pass at the dragstrip during the event and put down a traction limited 6.93 @ 104 MPH in the 1/8 Mile.

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