KC S300 Drop In Turbine Wheel 94-03


  • Brand: Kc Turbo
  • Availability: In Stock

This is our new 7.3 s300 style drop in turbine wheel! THIS IS A DROP IN WHEEL. NO MODIFICATIONS NEEDED. You will see the blades are larger, it captures more air and will spool much faster and is more efficient. This new wheel is based off of an s300sxe style wheel. We offer them for the OBS and Superduty trucks.

We have done extensive testing on these wheels, we sent out 40 testers and everybody LOVED THEM. More boost, quicker spool up, more power, and cooler egts. This can be added to an existing D66 turbo also.

IMPORTANT: We do not recommend this on stock compressor wheels, this wheel will help the turbo to spool better and run harder... which can exacerbate the surge problem with the stock compressor wheels. It must be paired with a billet wheel. It can also be used with D66 style turbos. These wheels will come component balanced. On the right in the photo below, is the stock 7.3 turbine wheel, it is much less efficient and is an outdated design.