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Complete custom tuning by JeliBuilt Performance for the PHP Hydra Chip. Our custom tuning is written for your particular modifications, such as, injectors, turbocharger, high pressure oil pump, transmission, etc. For optimal performance, drivability and cleaner fueling, these tunes utilize the MAP sensor. 

Brian Jelich has been tuning the 7.3 Powerstroke since 2010 and perfecting the art of custom tuning to match each truck specifically. Whether you are looking for better towing or all out performance, we have you covered.

The Hydra tunes will be emailed to you if you have a Hydra and the free software (Hydra Flash) If you are unable to upload the tunes yourself, we’d be glad to. Just mail the chip to us, customer pays shipping. Tunes are typically emailed within 1 business day. If you don't see them, please look in your SPAM or Junk folder. Occasionally they end up there. Any questions in regard to ordering, please refer to the section at the bottom. 




Calibration List


Modified Stock

Low power calibration with transmission tuning.  

Hi Idle

You pick the RPM. 

Quiet Mode

For those times you just want to turn the volume down on your engine. Designed for the drive thru and idling only.

Strenuous Tow

For the heavier loads. Optimized fuel and ICP control. Transmission tuning is heavily modified. 

Tow Performance

This is a Tow Tune with a little kick, higher shift points, and pressure. Ideal for light to moderate loads.

Eco Mileage

Mediocre power tune with lower shift points. 

Daily Driver

Just a good all around street tune with pep. 

Hot Street 

Just starting to turn up the heat. This is a fun tune to drive on.

Extreme Street

More aggressive than the Hot Street. 

Drag Ripper 

This is the highest powered file we offer. 

**Unlimited Revisions for 30 Days**



Need Help?

Hydra Serial: The Hydra Serial Number is a unique 8 digit code, it will contain numbers and/or letters.

To find your Hydra Serial Number there are several ways to retrieve it depending on how old your Hydra is. On the newer Hydras (7/1/21 to present) the serial number will be located on a white label affixed to the chip itself. The older chips won't have this label. On the newer ones, you can find the serial number on the outside of the white box that it was packaged in as well.

If you happen to have an older Hydra, you will need to connect the chip to Hydra Flash on your PC (Click Here to download Hydra Flash) via a USB cable. The 8 Digit Serial Number will be on the lower right hand side of the screen. See screenshot below & video below.





How to find your PCM code (AKA Box Code): The Box code is the code located on the outside of the ECM which identifies the calibration that was originally programmed into the PCM when the vehicle was manufactured and shipped. The code will be on the white label affixed to connector side of the PCM. There are a few tricks to retrieve it without having to remove the PCM. On the engine compartment side,  take a camera phone and reach down and snap a picture. The label faces the driver's side fender. The video on the very bottom of this page will go into detail if you have any questions. 

Order Form: On the order form, basically just fill out to the best of your knowledge under each section. If it is unknown, state "unknown". If it's stock, state "stock". 

Programing the Hydra with Custom Tunes: 

1) Download Hydra Flash onto your PC by going to
2) Save the custom tunes / files to a folder on your hard drive from the Email.
3) Plug the chip into the PC by using the USB cable.
4) Run Hydra Flash
5) Go to tune #1 or whichever open location you desire, select the folder icon.
6) Find the custom tune (in your new folder) you'd like.
7) Repeat for the rest of your file locations.
8) Once done, select "program all" on the left side.
9) Print the calibration list for future reference.
10) All done!