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Stage 2 Package 425HP 94-97 7.3L


Injector Core

The Stage 2 package is perfect for those who plan to daily drive their 7.3Ls and tow moderate to heavy loads. This is one of our best sellers, mainly because the lack of supporting modification required and all around around performance. You can expect to make 425-450 HP with these combination of parts. 


This package consists of: 


The difference in the stage 1.5 is the 30% over larger nozzles. The 30% nozzle allows more fuel to exit the injector quicker into the combustion cycle which increases horsepower even further. The injector has a limited time to inject fuel into the cylinder for the combustion cycle. We measure this time in milliseconds. With a larger nozzle we can inject more fuel per millisecond into the cylinder for combustion, which creates more power. The downside to a larger nozzle is the extra fuel creates more heat and black smoke. So the larger the nozzle the more EGT's are created and the need for more air upgrades are needed.


This is a journal bearing turbo with a Borg Warner 300sxe Style turbine wheel, modified to fit inside a drop in ready obs turbo. This turbo will surprise you at how well it runs! We have torture tested it for longevity and proven its capability on the dyno.


Required supporting modifications:

  • Custom Tuning
  • Aftermarket Exhaust 
  • Aftermarket Intake 

 Recommended supporting modifications:

  • Adrenaline HPOP
  • Electric Fuel System


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