IDP Fuel System - OBS




  • IDP Billet Block with 304ss mounting bracket, BOSCH 464-200 diesel pump, Pushloc hose with quick connects from selector valve to motor and return quick connect from regulator to OEM quick connect below steering shaft. Included is also IDP regulated return system, wiring harness, plug for valley and all JIC fittings needed. Our kit will work with factory turbo setups as well as our T4 mount.  This kit includes all parts and pieces necessary for installation on the 94-97 trucks.  
  • This system installs from the selector valve forward so it still uses BOTH tanks, and comes with everything needed to install INCLUDING the hardline regulated return! (If you are wanting to run a single tank choose from the options. The sump is a Beans Micro sump.)  This is a COMPLETE fuel system with all fittings and parts needed.  
  •  This system DELETES the fuel bowl, gets rid of the pesky leaks associated with the stock fuel bowl and has way better water separation/filtration than factory.  This system will support anything from stock up to a 250/200 injector or 550-600RWHP at 60PSI.  


*** (Draw straw pictured is not used on the OBS system)*** 

*** Comes with Stainless Steel Hard line Regulated Return kit!  

*** Turbo will have to be removed/slid over to get the drivers side higher flowing fitting (JIC) in the head on the 94-97 trucks. We recommend taking the bolts out at the manifolds and then taking the down pipe loose as well as the pedestal bolts this way you can slide the whole assembly out of the way for easy access to the drivers side fitting.  

*** The Bosch pump comes with a ONE year warranty through Irate, this pump is very robust and has been great for our fuel systems with almost non existent failures. This is due to the pump design and it is less susceptible to starvation failure than previous pumps!   To retain the ONE year warranty on the pump it is recommended that you replace the OEM selector valve and in tank pick ups with this kit. We have found that these items are falling apart being plastic and worn causing them to not functioning correctly and that leads to 99% of ANY electronic fuel pump failure.  This is the case even if you are not having troubles with the mechanical pump as they don’t care about the having a full fuel supply like electric pumps will.

 The other option is to go to a larger single tank (Part number F26E) out of a bronco and bypass the selector valve all together with the supply line.

This kit will NOT work on the E series van without modification!  

Install instructions


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