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IDP Fuel System - OBS


Irate Diesel OBS Fuel System:

IDP 304ss mounting bracket, Deatsch Werks pump, Parker hose from selector valve to motor back to selector valve, IDP regulated return system, wiring harness,  plug for valley and parker fittings. Irate kit uses JIC fittings and includes all parts and pieces necessary for installation.  

System installs from the selector valve forward so it still uses both tanks, and comes with everything needed to install including the hardline regulated return, this is a COMPLETE fuel system.  This system DELETES the fuel bowl and gets rid of the pesky leaks associated with the stock fuel bowl and has way better filtration.  This system will support anything from stock up to a 250/200 injector or 550-600RWHP.  If wanting to run larger, then pressure needs to be monitored to ensure proper pressures are maintained.   (Draw straw pictured is not used on the OBS system) This system uses a pre pump screen filter that is serviceable before the pump to maximize flow to the pump and prevent starvation at the pump. From there it goes through a water separator filter then the final filter to prevent any contaminants getting to you engine! 

*The new Deatsch Werks pump comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty!!  

*Comes with Stainless Steel Regulated Return kit!  

**New line routing for improved fit!

***Turbo will have to be removed/slid over to get the drivers side higher flowing fitting in the head on the 94-97 trucks.

Install instructions: (Might take a minute to download)



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