CNC Fabrication 7.3L Replacement HPOP lines


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CNC Fab Description:

  • Replace your high-mileage (and expensive) OEM High Pressure Oil Pump lines with a CNC Fabrication upgrade! Advanced HPOP lines featuring top-of-the-line Aeroquip® hoses with DuPont Teflon™ lining.
  • Burst pressure rating of 16,000psi and working temperature rating of 400*FNominal working pressure is 5000psi @ 72*F and 3000psi @ 400*F
  • If your engine oil is this hot you have bigger issues to worry about. Kit comes with all necessary fittings


Disconnect the battery grounds before installation to avoid accidentally arc'ing the line on the glow plug relay or the alternator charging lug. Use the pictures on this page for reference. The lines are marked "PA" for passenger head and "DR" for driver head. After installation, be sure there is no other lines/wires that are touching the lines that could potentially rub through and damage either the hpop line or the other line that may be touching it. Use a small section of wire loom protector or a larger piece or rubber hose to wrap around the contact point. Although it is not necessary as there is room on the driver side, but the eyelet for engine removal may need to be slightly bent in using a large pry-bar through the eyelet hole bending it towards the fuel bowl. Do not use any thread sealant on any of the fittings, except on the pump. IF you choose to use any, use Loctite 680 or 620 retaining compound (green), but it is not necessary.

These lines will route different than OEM. Driver side will route just like the 99-03 models. Which means it will now route to the second oil galley port and go around the engine lifting eyelet. The passenger side line will arch slightly over the front fuel bowl lid. This will not hinder the removal of the fuel filter. The HPx line will route just like the 99-03 trucks also (which is the third set of oil galley ports back starting from the front of the vehicle) picture of the lines installed will be coming. If you are unsure of installing yourself, seek out a competent and qualified technician to install the lines.

  • Pump Fittings: 28FT/LBS 
  • Head Fittings: 23FT/LBS

NOTICE: We know it may be cheaper for those wanting to save some money and have a local hydraulic shop make lines, but in our 20yrs experience, it is not advisable due to the amount of thermal cycling and engine sees. Normal hydraulic is meant for normal hydraulic use, NOT on the engines. See pictures of what happens to our competitor lines. Dry rot and blistering of the hose. We have sold over 7000 kits and not one failure due to manufacturing. If you are unsure of installing yourself, seek out a competent and qualified technician to install the lines.

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