IDP Competition Fuel System


Truck Model

Competition Fuel System: Irate fuel bracket, Fuelab fuel pump, Baldwin filters with billet filter base, -8 line from tank to pump, -8 line from pump to motor, -6 line from motor to tank, 5/8″ pickup tube, Irate regulated return system, all fittings, wiring harness with waterproof connections, relay and circuit breaker. Add a sump for no tank drop install!! This kit comes with Irate stainless bent hardline fuel bowl delete regulated return kit that eliminates the stock fuel bowl.  This system uses a pre pump screen filter that is serviceable before the pump to maximize flow to the pump and prevent starvation at the pump. From there it goes through a water separator filter then the final filter to prevent any contaminants getting to you engine! 

OBS trucks will be required to install draw straw or add a sump onto one tank, selector valve is too restrictive for this system! You can transfer from one tank to the other with a small pump so you still have the capacity of both tanks. 

Comes with Stainless Steel Regulated Return kit! 

This is the system that is recommended for all injectors, and will support the largest of injectors made for the 7.3L!!  It will also work with stock injectors if you are upgrading later!

In some instances you may have to remove the up-pipe on the drivers side to fit the new supplied 90* fitting.  

If you have a gen3 or BTS HPOP set up please let us know in the checkout so we can make you the correct lines. 


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