IDP OBS Intercooler Bracket Kit (94-97)


Irate Diesel Performance 94-97 Ford F-Series Intercooler Mounting

This Stainless Steel bracket kit will have all necessary brackets and hardware needed to mount an intercooler in the 94-97 trucks.  It will come complete with instructions and allows you to mount any intercooler out of the 99-03 7.3L trucks such as the CSF replacement intercooler. 

You can use this with our T4 kit or with a stock turbo set up (you will have to make the pipes for stock or drop in turbos)


*The 94-95 trucks will have to go with a radiator and overflow tank out of the 96-97 to fit the 99-03 intercooler. The 94-95 trucks have a radiator that is wider than the 96-97 trucks. If your truck has a radiator with the cap on it it is a 94-95, the 96-97 trucks will have the cap on the overflow bottle.  

**For automatic trucks you will need to re locate your transmission cooler, we recommend using a 99-03 cooler and mounting it to the front bumper behind the 4 holes. This cooler has been plenty for a properly working automatic transmission and does not restrict flow like a 6.0L large cooler.

***2WD trucks will need to make a drop bracket for the sway bar to get it lower to fit some intercoolers. 

***This is for the bracket kit alone no intercooler included.

Irate Diesel Performance 94-97 Ford F-Series Intercooler Mounting Installation Instructions .