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Diesel Technology of Chattanooga is owned and operated by Jonathan Ryan aka Swamp or Swamp Donkey, co-founder and head of R&D at Swamp's Diesel Performance from 2003 to 2018. Among other projects there, he completely reverse engineered the circuit boards for the 7.3 IDM, 7.3 PCM, and the 6.0 FICM, invented the Swamp's HVHF IDM (Hi-Voltage Hi-Frequency) and the Heavy Duty 58 Volt FICM, also called a Cold Weather FICM or Winter FICM or whatever other names other companies have come up with to try and distinguish their products ;) He also laid the foundation for all of Swamp's custom tuning on 7.3 Powerstrokes and tuning the 1999 and newer trucks to run single-shot injectors, designed the dyno test cell, ran the engine dyno and did all the dyno tuning and testing.

7.3 PCM Cross-Reference and Look-Up Table

 Model Year Emissions: Federal / California DPC-###
1994.5-1997 Federal 202
1996* California 202
1997 California 312
Early-99** Federal 402
Early-99** California 412
Late-99*** Federal 422
Late-99*** California 432
2000-2001 Federal 422
2000-2001 California 432
2002-2003 Federal 462
2002 California 452
2003 California 492


* If your truck is a 1996 with a DPC-202, and the PCM Code (Tear Tag) is MIFx, or it has AB split-shot injectors in it, it is a CA model, and will need the correct flash on it due to the injectors. The DPC-202 hardware is the same for all OBS trucks; its just that the CA models with split-shots get special tuning.

**  *** Trucks with the Super Duty body style built before 12-06-1998  are usually early-99's, and ones built after this date are late-99's, also called 1999.5's.

The core charge will be refunded when we receive your old PCM (core) back

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