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Stage 1 Package 375HP 99-03 7.3L


Injector Core

The Stage 1 package is perfect for those who plan to tow heavy loads frequently or looking for a small jump in power and MPG over a basic modified 7.3L. You can expect to make 375-400 HP with this setup. 


This package consists of: 


Ideal for heavy towing and better economy. Stage 1 Full Force injectors. In the 99-03 Powerstroke you will have to run a custom programmed chip to make the transition from split shot injection to the new single shot injection. Horsepower increases from 50-75hp and mileage increase from the more efficient single shot design. The stock AD injector in the 99-03 will flow approximately 145cc of fuel but with with the split shot design 10cc of fuel is wasted in the pilot injection cycle. With that said, the effective flow rate of the AD stock injector is 135cc. We recommend the upgrade to 180cc in the 99-03 Superduty with the results of about 75 hp over a stock truck with a performance chip. 


This is a journal bearing turbo with a Borg Warner 300sxe Style turbine wheel, modified to fit inside a drop in ready super duty turbo. This turbo will surprise you at how well it runs! We have torture tested it for longevity and proven its capability on the dyno.


Required supporting modifications:

  • Custom Tuning
  •  Aftermarket Exhaust 

 Recommended supporting modifications:

  • Aftermarket Intake
  • Fuel System Upgrade


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