Stage 4 Package 525HP 99-03 7.3L


Injector Core

The Stage 4 package packs a mean punch. It utilizes 238CC/100% "Hybrid" injectors. These will use as much high pressure oil than a conventional "A" Code Injector of similar size. That said, a standard 17 degree HPOP will usually supply enough high pressure oil per demand.  With the 100% nozzle, the engine will have a slightly aggressive idle yet still have manageable smoke control. These injectors along with the KC300X 66/73 - you can expect to make 515-525 RWHP. With good tuning and EGT gauges, customers can tow 10K lbs pretty easily. 


This package consists of: 


Full Force Diesel 7.3L Powerstroke stage 3 hybrid 238cc performance injectors to increase the drivability and horsepower of your powerstroke diesel. The injectors in the 94-03 Ford Powerstroke will increase horsepower up to 515-525hp at rear wheels with a custom performance chip. In the 99-03 Powerstoke diesel you will have to run a custom programmed chip to make the transition from split shot injection to the new single shot injection. Horsepower increases to + 500 hp and mileage increase from the more efficient single shot design. These injectors have new nozzles and tungston coated plungers and barrels. The larger nozzles allow for better control of fuel delivery during the combustion cycle with allows for the added horsepower over the stage one injectors. The larger hybrid plunger and barrel in these injectors move more fuel for the same stroke as the stage two injector. These hybrid injectors are designed to operate with stock High Pressure oil. This is optimal for the 17 degree HPOP. This saves money on a new HPOP system by utilizing the system you already have. This is an excellent up upgrade for those who are running factory HPOPS, however an Adrenaline HPOP would be beneficial. 


This is a journal bearing turbo with a Borg Warner 300sxe Style turbine wheel, modified to fit inside a drop in ready super duty turbo. This turbo will surprise you at how well it runs! We have torture tested it for longevity and proven its capability on the dyno.


Required supporting modifications:

  • Custom Tuning
  • Aftermarket Exhaust 
  • Aftermarket Intake
  • Fuel System Upgrade

 Recommended supporting modifications:

  • ARP Head studs 
  • Aftermarket Valve Springs 


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