7.3 Dipstick Adapter Repair Kit


7.3 Dipstick Adapter Repair Kit

Fix the well-known dipstick flange leak on your 7.3 Powerstroke motor with this repair kit. 

  • No need to remove the pan.
  • Nothing abandoned in the pan loose.
  • Installs with basic hand tools.
  • Permanent repair.
  • Patent # 11,267,084
  • Designed & Made in the USA

The factory O-ring swells over time from oil exposure, causing the nut to loosen. Simply tightening the nut is a temporary fix and can make the inner piece deform even more. The factory repair for this leak is to remove the pan and replace the whole unit from the inside of the pan. This is a time consuming and expensive repair. 


 This video is a comprehensive installation tutorial. The following is a recommended list of materials you'll need to perform the installation. You will need a tube of sealer (I have found Permatex Ultra Black to be the best!), basic hand tools, parts cleaner (like brake clean, to clean and prep), and a holding tool to prevent dropping the internal piece into the oil pan.


DISCLAIMER: It has been determined that this kit only works with Factory or Dorman internal dip stick flanges. If the internal part has ever been replaced with a part not made by these two manufacturers, this kit may not work. Also, if the dipstick nut has ever been over tightened, and the threads are pulled, you could still end up with a small leak. 73dipstick.com

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