Red Head Steering Box - 1980-97 Ford F-Series With 2 Bolt Top Cover


  • Brand: Red Head
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Part# 2757 Ford F-series And Broncos 1980-1997. The 1997 is the only year that could possibly be a 4 bolt top cover. All other gears will be the 2 bolt style. $266 + $100 Core Charge. Please note: core charges will apply to sale price. Upon return of the core, charges will be refunded. Shipping costs vary.

PRE-TAPPED PORTS OPTION: Red-Head offers a porting option for those that are either already running a hydraulic assist steering, or plan to in the future. If you choose to make this upgrade to the box (from the drop down menu), your gear box will come with two pre-drilled and tapped ports with plugs. For clarification, hydraulic assist is NOT something your vehicle would have come from the factory with, rather it is an upgrade that adds a hydraulic ram to the steering linkage to aid in steering. Most vehicles do NOT have this option, thus if you are unsure if you have it, you probably do not.

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