KC Stock Plus Billet Turbo (Garrett) - 6.0 Powerstroke (2003-2007)


  • Brand: KC Turbo
  • Availability: In Stock

Stock Plus Billet Turbo

Supports: Up to 155cc/Stock% injectors


Features & Details: 

  • 100% drop in turbo (no modifications required)
  • Upgraded KC Billet compressor wheel
  • Bump in power
  • Stock Sized / Stock Replacement 
  • Over 20 New Engineering Upgrades
  • One year unlimited mileage warranty 
  • Brand new! NO CORE required


The Garrett Stock Replacement Turbocharger offers a superior replacement option for your 2003 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke. This turbocharger is 100% new and is not rebuilt or remanufactured like the Ford sourced units from your local dealer. A new Garrett turbocharger is a superior product versus independently remanufactured units. Only a brand new turbocharger guarantees having all the latest engineering updates needed for longer service life.

IMPORTANT: Please Read Below!!!

If you want the KC fighter jet whistle then order a 2003, the 2003 will bolt on the 2004-2007 trucks but you will have to run 1 less bolt.  The 2003 will spool slightly slower, make slightly more power, and have that famous Jet Whistle you are looking for.

If you want LESS WHISTLE then order the 2004-2007.  This version will whistle less and build a little more boost at lower rpms, but will make a little less top end power.  This version will not fit a 2003 turbo without extensive modification. Please contact us with questions.