IDP T4 S366SXE Complete Kit


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This kit is for the crowd looking to be around the 425-550hp mark, this turbo has very good driving characteristics and will do very well towing. Works great with stage 2’s and small hybrids!  This turbo can also be used with STOCK injectors if you plan to upgrade later down the road, it will spool up quickly still! 

This kit is the complete IDP T4 mounting system with 304ss up-pipes and intercooler piping, and includes the S366SXE turbo!!   Just hook up your air filter and exhaust and this system is ready to run!

*94-97 and E-99 trucks will need to add  plenums added to order, 99.5-03 can use existing plenums but it is not recommended. **Waste-gate NOT available on 94-97 OBS trucks! **94-97 trucks must have electric fuel system to run this kit!

**Includes 2.5-3″ boot for compressor outlet!

S300SX-E series is the newest turbo in the BorgWarner Collection

Key Turbo Features:

 360 degree thrust bearing
 Integrated speed sensor port
 Forged milled compressor wheel
 Flexible compressor cover outlet options
 Pre-machined boost port
 Optimized compressor cover aerodynamics




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