Full Force Diesel Super Duty Performance Headers



The FFD Super Duty performance headers (Ceramic Coated) are a set of performance headers for a 7.3 Powerstroke that will flow more air, make more power and have a smoother power band than standard manifolds.

They will help spool larger S400 series turbos better for the street and competition. To get the most power possible with these headers a cam and head port work is a great idea! These will bolt to stock up pipes (factory turbo configurations) or with T4 up pipes just like normal with no modifications needed!

Includes full hardware kit as well as the gaskets. 

If you are looking for that extra edge for you 7.3L build this is it! Finally a set of performance headers that wont crack and warp for 7.3. Made of 1/8 thick 304ss

These are a close fit on the drivers side oil cooler and to fit them on there you will have to install the studs after the headers are in place. 

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Ceramic coat to help keep under hood temps down, and for competition use it will help protect the headers from heat soak!