Full Force Diesel 190cc Injectors - 2003-2007 6.0


Core Charge
Nozzle Size

Our 190cc performance injectors are made from Alliant Power remanufactured injectors using the latest updated parts and brand new spool valves. These are the closest to new injectors that are available on the market. We do not modify used core injectors. This practice leads to an inferior product and early failure.

Full Force Diesel 190cc Injectors
  • Non-welded spill ports (broken welds create injector failures)
  • 600hp+ capable
  • Only light towing recommended
  • New Nozzle Assemblies
Required upgrades for this injector
  • Head studs
  • Regulated return fuel system and front modified banjo bolts
  • Stage 2 turbo or larger
  • Custom Tuning
  • Complete fuel system recommended
Core charges are required unless sending in first.

Why do Full Force Diesel injectors perform better and last longer than the competition? Why does Full Force Diesel only use Alliant reman injectors as a base for the performance injectors? The advanced-design, high-pressure fuel injectors in Power Stroke Diesel engines precisely control the delivery of the fuel into the combustion chamber. Trust the quality of new components to help ensure injector durability.

Alliant injectors benefits:
  • Replacement of the entire coil assembly to prevent wire fatigue and poor cold-start performance
  • High-pressure sealing surfaces that are refinished to OE specifications (less than 2 microns of flatness) to help ensure long injector life, good mileage and performance
  • Injectors' intensifier bodies receive new plungers. Both components are precision-match honed to operate reliably and durably at extreme pressures and temperatures
  • All spool valves are replaced with new parts. Both control valve bodies and spools are precision-ground to exacting diametrical tolerance for excellent sealing and oil direction