AVP Billet Turbo Compressor Wheel Ford (1994-03) 7.3L


  • Brand: AVP
  • Availability: In Stock

Brand new Stage 1 performance billet compressor wheel designed to eliminate turbo surge/flutter on the Ford Power Stroke 7.3L Garrett TP38 & GTP38 Turbochargers. The wheel comes pre-balanced and ready to install. It is great for stock and mild upgraded injectors. It's going to give you a quick spool-up for that off the line power and give you more power throughout the RPMs compared to the stock wheel. These billet compressor wheels are lighter and much stronger than cast compressor wheels and are designed to flow more air. With a more aggressive blade design and the nose and hub designed to be significantly smaller allowing for larger blade size. The increase of blade surface area allows them to flow more air into the engine. This more efficient wheel lowers the intake temperatures to give you more horsepower and allowing you to stay in the throttle longer.