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Bladerunner Intercoolers represent the next generation of intercoolers.  The Bladerunner intercoolers utilize a 3.15"  bar and plate design that is 15% larger than the competitors and outflows OE style tube and fin core designs by 74%! This design results in quicker and more measurable heat dissipation. The unique Bladerunner end tanks are constructed out of 3/16' TIG welded aluminum plate tanks that incorporate three multi-directional vanes that efficiently direct air flow through the entire core for maximum cooling. 

Every Bladerunner Intercooler is tested at 200psi which is perfect for high boost applications.  In recent testing the Bladerunner intercooler produced a 200 degree temperature drop at the intercooler and a 100 degree EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) drop as well as increasing air flow by 74% over stock.  This intercooler also outflowed the Banks unit by 25%.

Don't waste your time and money on modified factory intercoolers.  Invest in the aFe Bladerunner intercooler, the most sophisticated intercooler design on the planet.

Features & Benefits

MDV® technology for optimum airflow

Massive 3.15 bar and plate core for greater heat transfer (Compared to Banks 2.75'' tube and fin core)

3/16 thick end-tanks for greater allowable boost pressure

Direct replacement, no modifications required

Technical Specifications

Fully welded aluminum end-tanks with MDV® technology (multi-directional vanes)

Bar and plate core allows more flow area per cubic inch

Rated for 200 psi boost pressure

Rated for 1000 + hp

Performance Advantages

Lower EGTs by100º F

Less pressure loss

200º F temperature drop across intercooler

74% Increased airflow over stock