98.5-03 7.3L CNC Fab 4R100 Transmission Cooler Line Kit


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98.5-03 7.3L CNC Fabrication, LLC 4R100 Transmission Cooler Line Kit

This kit is to replace your factory 4R100 transmission cooler lines, and this kit comes with 3/8" or 1/2" hose (select above) barbs to match the factory transmission cooler ports.

If you need transmission hose, we recommend the Gates 27066 as that hose works very well with Parker PushLok barb fittings.


Please be mindful that these lines are one piece, 60" long, and there is a chance they may get slightly bent by the shipping company. This tubing is extremely durable and can easily be bent back into shape.

We recommend by-passing or removing the lines going to the bottom of the radiator. When the heat exchanger inside the radiator fails, it will send coolant into your transmission and will cause the transmission and torque converter to fail. It is not year specific on whether Ford had the ports in the radiator as we have seen on many years of truck in the shop not have them.


Fits Early 99 through 2003 7.3L with the 4R100 Transmission
Domestic 304 seamless tubing stainless steel
Made In-House on our 3 axis CNC tubing bender
Genuine Brennan and Parker fittings
Includes mounting bracket

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