6.0 Powerstroke Carrillo H-11 Connecting Rods


  • Brand: Carrillo
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Introducing the CP-Carrillo PS606929H Pro-H Connecting Rods for the 6.0 Powerstroke 2003-2007, a powertrain solution that exceeds industry standards. This package includes 8 rod assemblies, each equipped with Pro-H Design and H-11 Tool Steel Bolts. With advanced engineering methods, quality materials and years of expertise, these components are designed to provide superior durability and superior performance in the most demanding conditions.

Our proprietary heat treatment process increases tensile strength while preserving critical elements so you can rest assured your vehicle is equipped with reliable parts that last. For even more precision and reliability, each rod undergoes CNC machining and probing to ensure dimensional integrity before undergoing a complete oversizing process which eliminates potential inclusions or surface conversions.

CP-Carrillo PS606929H Pro-H Connecting Rods ensure your engine stays running powerful for miles ahead - put your trust in one of the leading names in engine components today!

• Premium quality materials and manufacturing process ensure durability and performance
• Proprietary heat treatment results in increased tensile strength and yield while maintaining critical elements
• Precision CNC machining and probing ensure dimensional integrity
• Oversized forging removes potential inclusions or surface conversions

CC: (6.929 in.) (176.00 mm)
Style: Pro-H
Bolt Size: 7/16""
Bolt Type: WMC
PE Width: (1.085 Tapered in.) (27.56 mm)
BE Width: (1.085 in.) (27.56 mm)
BE Bore: (2.8740 in.) (73.00 mm)
Pin Size: 1.339
Total/Rotate/Recip (GR*): 1168/825/343
H-11 Tool Steel Bolts (220,000 UTS)