03-07 6.0L CNC Fab 4-Line Feed Fuel Line Kit For Odawg Intake - 42215X



Introducing the ultimate fuel upgrade for your 03-07 6.0L engine that is equipped with an Odawg Stage 2 intake plenum. The CNC Fabrication 4-Line feed stainless steel fuel line kit! Designed with precision and durability in mind, this kit will take your fuel system to the next level. All necessary fittings and hardware included so you'll have everything you need to complete the installation without any extra hassle.

Bent on our 3 axis CNC tubing bender guarantees perfect fitment and a sleek finish that will elevate the look of your engine.  Engineered to improve fuel flow and efficiency with four lines instead of the stock two, you'll experience better fuel delivery and smoother idle.

Whether you're a serious gearhead looking to push your vehicle to its limits or just someone who wants their truck to run smoother and more efficiently, our CNC Fabrication stainless steel 4-Line feed fuel line kit is the perfect choice. Upgrade your ride today and feel the difference!


This kit works great for all injectors sizes from stock to competition.


  • Upgraded with aerospace/military grade high flow Genuine Brennan™ compression fittings and brazed on banjo eyelets
  • Pre-assembled Billet Aluminum distribution manifold for easy installation
  • Lines are mandrel bent in our shop on our state of the art 3 axis CNC tubing bender for a perfect fit every time
  • New CNC bent 1/2" Stainless steel engine side fuel supply line
  • Aircraft quality billet T-6061 aluminum
  • All lines are made of 304 Sandvik Coromat seamless stainless steel tubing
  • Comes with all necessary fittings, o-rings, and bolts, for a complete install
  • Test port to measure/set fuel pressure
  • 1/2" AN (-08) inlet for plenty of volume of fuel for unlimited size injectors
  • Regulator and filters will need to be purchased separately


For a plug-n-play type fuel pump/filter setup we recommend the AirDog II 5G Fuel Pump as it has the filters and regulator built in, a lifetime warranty (as long as you turn in your receipt within 30 days of purchase) and is simple to install since all the legwork for finding fittings/adapters comes with the AirDog kit.

You can also build your own pump setup if you like.  We recommend using a stock Superduty 6.7L Powerstroke pump for stock to 175cc injectors, the AEM 400lph pump for mild built trucks for above 175cc injectors, or the Fuelab Prodigy pumps for competition trucks running 300cc or larger, and we also recommend using Fuelab adjustable regulators.