PCC Powerstroke Battery Cables 08-10 6.4


Performance Custom Cables - Made in the USA 

Drop Shipped From PCC - Approx 1 Week Lead Time to Ship

Over the years we’ve installed countless sets of battery cables from several different companies and manufacturers. And just about every set had some sort of flaw or weakness we could find, be it the fitment, quality, or even lack of instruction. We just knew we had to make a product that outperformed the rest. We are extremely passionate about diesels, especially powerstrokes, these cables are made for enthusiasts by enthusiasts. We have spent countless hours to make sure these kits fit as close to factory as possible, without sacrificing performance. All sets retain several factory fasteners, as well as every end is labeled boldly. We have taken the guess work out of installation, we are a big proponent of the DIYer. We are here to keep your rig running and performing to its highest ability.

The 6.4 standard set includes two sets of military terminals, marine grade tinned ofc 1/0 cable is used for the grounds, as well as the crossover cable from battery to battery. The starter supply cable is 2/0 cable. We use an adapter on the passenger side positive terminal, to retain the factory fusable link, the body harness power, as well as you dual alternator trucks connect with no issue. On the passenger side ground, factory uses a single cable that’s cut open and mounted to the frame. These kits use a ground cable that goes from the terminal, to the frame, and then another cable from the frame to the block. So you’ll never have to worry about corrosion again. Huge improvement over stock.

*build time is currently 1-2 weeks out