PCC 2003-2007 6.0 Super Duty/ Excursion Standard Battery Cable Set


Performance Custom Cables: Made in USA 

 Drop Shipped From PCC - Approx 1-2 Week Lead Time to Ship

Over the years we’ve installed countless sets of battery cables from several different companies and manufacturers. And just about every set had some sort of flaw or weakness we could find, be it the fitment, quality, or even lack of instruction. We just knew we had to make a product that outperformed the rest. We are extremely passionate about diesels, especially powerstrokes, these cables are made for enthusiasts by enthusiasts. We have spent countless hours to make sure these kits fit as close to factory as possible, without sacrificing performance. All sets retain several factory fasteners, as well as every end is labeled boldly. We have taken the guess work out of installation, we are a big proponent of the DIYer. We are here to keep your rig running and performing to its highest ability.


2003-2007 Ford super duty and excursion battery terminals are prone to corrode overtime, causing poor starting and charging conditions. They’re also very limited on space for installing any aftermarket accessories. Overall very low quality from the factory, we’ve also run into the concern of battery health. The drivers side battery only has one ground which is located on the frame, as the passenger side has one on the frame as well as one on the engine block. The power wire running from passenger side battery to drivers side also gets weak over time. So we’ve created a solution. Our standard cable set comes with new super heavy duty components, including terminals, cables, lugs and ends. These sets add a 1/0 ground cable onto the drivers side battery, it runs under the power steering pump and attaches to your fan shroud hold down bolt. You’ll experience quicker start ups, longer battery life, and peace of mind. Your factory frame ground on the drivers side is also replaced, as well as both grounds on the passenger side will be replaced with two separate cables, instead of the factory integrated three end cable. The power wire connecting both batteries is replaced with a nearly DOUBLE than factory sized cable. And the starter cable is replaced with a 2/0 pure tinned copper cable, which will flow more currant than your truck will ever need. All the cables fit nearly like factory, with factory retainers, hold downs, and connectors used for the cleanest look.