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Add EGT Probe Kit

Give your vehicle the most advanced digital monitoring system when you install the Edge 84130-3 Insight CTS3 Digital Gauge Monitor.  The Edge Insight is the #1 preferred digital monitor on the market and the best multi-gauge touch-screen display available.
This Edge 84130-3 Insight CTS3 Digital Gauge Monitor offers a smoother and slimmer housing with an updated 5” full-color capacitive touch screen display. With upgrades such as an all-new, high-speed, processor for improved haptic response and the ability to update via wi-fi, the Insight is the most innovative digital monitoring system available in the automotive aftermarket.


Customizable Display
This highly customizable monitor allows you to change the gauge layout, colors and the background to make this unit as unique as your truck. With the Color Mixer Screen, you can custom mix any color you want for the background or the gauges. Three different screen layouts can be saved and are able to be swiped between at any time.
This Insight CTS3 Digital Gauge Monitor has all the features you’ve come to expect from the Insight line of monitors. This device is a diagnostic tool that will allow you to display functions such as injector rates as well as read and delete Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs). With the ability to monitor vehicle parameters like EGT, trans temp, regen cycles, boost, RPM and dozens more, this monitor will help you protect your truck. 
Data Logging
Each Insight comes standard with data logging software. This function can be enabled from the top pulldown menu to start or stop the recording. The data log can then be downloaded from your CTS3 to your computer and be accessed with the DataViewer Software.
Performance Testing
The CTS3 has built in performance meters to track 0-60, 0-100, 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile times. This unit will show you how well the upgrades you’ve added to your truck are improving your performance on a “time slip”.
Back-Up Camera (sold separately)
The Insight CTS2 features a built-in video port that allows users to connect the state-of-the-art Edge back-up camera, or other compatible video source directly to the CTS2 unit.
Pitch And Roll Screen
A built-in accelerometer will measure the roll, pitch and G-forces your vehicles sees in real time. Whether you are looking to monitor your G’s at the racetrack or roll angle at the off-road park, the CTS3 will let you know where you stand. 
Power Switch Screen
The integrated EAS Power Switch Screen allows you to run additional gauges that can not be read through the OBD-II port. This screen also allows you to hook up accessories such as aftermarket lighting and air compressors and engage them through the Insight screen. The CTS3 is compatible with EAS probes, switched and monitors.
Turbo Timer
Extend the life of the turbo in your diesel by letting it cool down before shutting off the engine. By allowing the turbo to cool down, this stops the oil from getting cooked into a carbon coating on the journal bearing of the turbo. This carbon can cause your turbocharger to seize over time.
  • Easy Installation
  • Wi-Fi Updateable
  • Clear and Read DTC codes
  • Windshield Mounting Bracket
  • USB Port For Back Up Camera
  • Customizable Gauges & Backgrounds
  • Easily Switch Between Screens With A Swipe
  • Expandable Accessory System (EAS) Compatible
  • Boots Up Directly To Gauge Screen Upon Key Cycle
  • Plugs Into The OBDII Port With No Wiring Required
  • Monitors Key vehicle parameters (See Chart Below)
  • 5” Color Capacitive Touch Screen With Auto Dimming
  • Advanced Integrated Data Logger With Export Capability
  • Performance Meter Measures 0-60, 0-100, 1/8 Mile & 1/4 Mile
  • Compatible With Most Domestic Gas & Diesel Vehicles 1996 And Newer
  • Integrated Accessory System Allows For Additional Gauges Or Accessories Such As Lighting, Compressors, Winch, Etc

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