Colt Cams C.852.H Stage 2 Camshaft


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The Colt Cams C.852.H Stage 2 Camshaft for your 1994.5-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke is built from a brand new steel billet. This performance Camshaft has a slight noticeable idle, quick spool-up and also lowers your EGT's. Colt Cams has worked with numerous performance shops over the years to perfect a suitable upgrade that not only performs better, but is reliable. These cams will help reduce EGT's (by getting the exhaust out of the cylinder and new air in), improve horsepower and improve the engine's performance throughout the entire rpm range. 

The Stage 2 camshaft is designed to take advantage of the lost opportunities the factory cam didn't seize. This NEW BILLET is normally a straight drop in camshaft with no modifications needed. It offers quicker spool up, lower egt's and better torque and horsepower. Many report a slight fuel economy improvement as well! This camshaft was designed with durability in mind.


  • Lower EGT's
  • Quicker Spool-Up
  • Designed As Drop-In Replacement
  • Brand New Billet - No Core Required

Cam Specifications:

  • Stage 2 - C.852.H 
  • Int: 192° @ .050 Valve Lift : .430 
  • Exh: 200° @ .050 Valve Lift: .433
  • Lobe Sep. 105°

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