Ford 7.3 Powerstroke Diagnostic Trouble Code List DTC

7.3L Powerstroke DTC Master List


P1111 System Pass (No DTCs Available) 
P0107 BARO Circuit Low Input 
P0l08 BARO Circuit High Input 
P0112 IAT Sensor Circuit Low Input 
P0113 IAT Sensor Circuit High Input 
P0122 Accelerator Pedal Sensor Circuit Low Input 
P0123 Accelerator Pedal Sensor Circuit High Input 
P0197 EOT Sensor Circuit Low Input 
P0198 EOT Sensor Circuit High Input 
P0220 Throttle Switch B Circuit Malfunction 
P0221 Throttle Switch B Circuit Performance
P0230 Fuel Pump Relay Driver Fail 
P0231 Fuel Pump Relay Driver Circuit Failure 
P0232 Fuel Pump Relay Driver Failed Off 
P0236 Turbo Boost Sensor A Circuit Performance 
P0237 Turbo Boost Sensor A Circuit Low Input 
P0238 Turbo Boost Sensor A Circuit High Input 
P0261 Injector Circuit Low - Cylinder 1 
P0262 Injector Circuit High - Cylinder 1 
P0263 Cylinder 1 Contribution/Balance Fault 
P0264 Injector Circuit Low - Cylinder 2 
P0265 Injector Circuit High - Cylinder 2 
P0266 Cylinder 2 Contribution/Balance Fault 
P0267 Injector Circuit Low - Cylinder 3 
P0268 Injector Circuit High - Cylinder 3 
P0269 Cylinder 3 Contribution/Balance Fault 
P0270 Injector Circuit Low - Cylinder 4 
P0271 Injector Circuit High - Cylinder 4 
P0272 Cylinder 4 Contribution/Balance Fault 
P0273 Injector Circuit Low - Cylinder 5 
P0274 Injector Circuit High - Cylinder 5 
P0275 Cylinder 5 Contribution/Balance Fault 
P0276 Injector Circuit Low - Cylinder 6 
P0277 Injector Circuit High - Cylinder 6 
P0278 Cylinder 6 Contribution/Balance Fault 
PO279 Injector Circuit Low - Cylinder 7 
P0280 Injector Circuit High - Cylinder 7 
P0281 Cylinder 7 Contribution/Balance Fault 
P0282 Injector Circuit Low - Cylinder 8 
P0283 Injector Circuit High - Cylinder 8 
P0284 Cylinder 8 Contribution/Balance Fault 
P0301 Fault Cylinder A-Misfire Detected (CYL 1) 
P0302 Fault Cylinder B-Misfire Detected (CYL2) 
P0303 Fault Cylinder D-Nlisfire Detected (CYL 3) 
P0304 Fault Cylinder E-Misfire Detected (CYL 4) 
P0305 Fault Cylinder F-Misfire Detected (CYL5) 
P0306 Fault Cylinder G-Nlisfire Detected (CYL 6) 
P0307 Fault Cylinder C-Misfire Detected (CYL 7) 
P0308 Fault Cylinder H-Misfire Detected (CYL 8) 
P0340 CMP Sensor Circuit Malfunction 
P0341 CMP Sensor Circuit Performance 
P0344 CMP Sensor Circuit Intermittent 
P0360 Glow Plug Circuit Malfunction 
P0381 Glow Plug Indicator Circuit Malfunction 
P0460 Fuel Tank Level Indicator Circuit Malfunction 
P0470 Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor Circuit Malfunction 
P0471 Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor Circuit Performance 
P0472 Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor Circuit Low Input 
P0473 Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor Circuit High Input 
P0476 Exhaust Pressure Control Valve Maffunction 
P0476 Exhaust Pressure Control Valve Performance 
P0478 Exhaust Pressure Control Valve High Input 
P0500 Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Malfunction 
P0503 Vehicle Speed Sensor Noisy 
PO541 Manifold Intake Air Heater 
P0542 Manifold Intake Air Heater 
P0560 System Voltage Malfunction 
P0662 System Voltage Low 
P0563 System Voltage High 
P0666 Cruise 'On" Signal Malfunction 
P0566 Cruise "Off' Signal Malfunction 
P0667 Cruise 'Resume' Signal Malfunction 
P0668 Cruise "Set' Signal Malfunction 
P0669 Cruise "Coast' Signal Malfunction 
P0571 Brake Svdtch A Circuit Malfunction 
P0603 Internal Control Module KAM Error 
P0605 Internal Control Module ROM Error 
PO606 PCM Processor Fault 
P0640 Manifold Intake Air Heater 
P0670 Glow plug control circuit malfunction 
P0671 Glow plug #1 circuit failure 
P0672 Glow plug #2 circuit failure 
P0673 Glow plug #3 circuit failure 
P0674 Glow plug #4 circuit failure 
P0675 Glow plug #5 circuit failure 
P0676 Glow plug #6 circuit failure 
P0677 Glow plug #7 circuit failure 
P0678 Glow plug #8 circuit failure 
P0683 Glow plug diagnostic signal communication fault 
P0703 Brake Switch B Circuit Malfunction 
P0704 Clutch Pedal Position Switch Input Circuit Malfunction 
P0705 TR Sensor Circuit Malfunction 
P0707 TR Sensor Circuit Low Input 
P0708 TR Sensor Circuit High Input 
P0712 Transmission Fluid Temp. Sensor CKT Low Input 
P0713 Transmission Fluid Temp. Sensor CKT High Input 
P0715 TSS Sensor Circuit Malfunction Fault 
P0717 TSS Intermittent Failure 
P0718 Noisy TSS 
P0720 OSS Sensor Circuit Malfunction 
P0721 Noisy OSS 
P0722 OSS Intermittent Failure 
P0732 Gear Two Ratio Error 
P0733 Gear Three Ratio Error 
P0741 TCC Circuit Performance 
P0743 Torque Converter Clutch System Electrical Failure 
P0750 Shift Solenoid 1 Malfunction 
P0755 Shift Solenoid B Malfunction 
P0781 1-2 Shift Malfunction 
P0782 2-3 Shift Malfunction 
P0783 3-4 Shift Malfunction 
P1000 OBD 11 Monitor Checks Not Complete. More Driving Required 
P1105 Dual Alternator Upper Fault (Monitor) 
P1106 Dual Afternator Lower Fault (Control) 
P1107 Dual Alternator Lower Circuit Malfunction (Control) 
P1108 Dual Alternator BATT Lamp Circuit Malfunction 
P1118 Manifold Air Temperature Sensor Low Input 
P1119 Manifold Air Temperature Sensor High Input 
P1139 Water in Fuel Indicator Circuit Malfunction 
P1140 Water in Fuel Condition 
P1184 Engine Oil Tamp Sensor Circuit Performance 
P1209 Injection Control System Pressure Peak Fault 
P1210 Injection Control Pressure Above Expected Level 
P1211 ICP Not Controllable - Pressure Abow/Below Desired 
P1212 ICP Voltage Not at Expected Level 
P1218 CID Stuck High 
P1219 CID Stuck Low 
P1247 Turbo Boost Pressure Low 
P1248 Turbo Boost Pressure Not Detected 
P1249 Wastagate Fail Steady State Test
P1250 Electronic Passive Anti-Theft System 
P1261 High to Low Side Short - Cylinder 1 
P1262 High to Low Side Short - Cylinder 2 
P1263 High to Low Side Short - Cylinder 3 
P1264 High to Low Side Short - Cylinder 4 
P1265 High to Low Side Short - Cylinder 5 
P1266 High to Low Side Short - Cylinder 6 
P1267 High to Low Side Short - Cylinder 7 
P1268 High to Low Side Short - Cylinder 8 
P1271 High to Low Side Open - Cylinder 1 
P1272 High to Low Side Open - Cylinder 2 
P1273 High to Low Side Open - Cylinder 3 
P1274 High to Low Side Open - Cylinder 4 
P1275 High to Low Side Open - Cylinder 5 
P1276 High to Low Side Open - Cylinder 6 
P1277 High to Low Side Open - Cylinder 7 
P1278 High to Low Side Open - Cylinder 8 
P1280 ICP Circuit Out of Range Low 
P1281 ICP Circuit Out of Range High 
P1282 Excessive ICP 
P1263 IPR Circuit Failure 
P1284 ICP Failure - Aborts KOER or CCT Test 
P1291 High Side No. 1 (Right) Short to GND or B+ 
P1292 High Side No. 2 (Left) Short to GND or B+ 
P1293 High Side Open Bank No. 1 (Right) 
P1294 High Side Open Bank No. 2 (Left) 
P1295 Multiple Faults on Bank No. 1 (Right) 
P1296 Multiple Faults on Bank No. 2 (Left) 
P1297 High Sides Shorted Together 
P1298 IDM Failure 
P1316 Injector Circuit/IDM Codes Detected 
P1391 Glow Plug Circuit Low Input Bank No. 1(Right) 
P1393 Glow Plug Circuit Low Input Bank No. 2 (Left) 
P1395 Glow Plug Monitor Fault Bank No. 1 
P1396 Glow Plug Monitor Fault Bank No. 2 
P1397 SYstem Voltage Out of Self Test Range 
P1464 A/C On During KOER or CCT Test 
P1501 VSS Out Of Self Test Range 
P1502 Invalid Self Test - APCM Functioning 
P1531 Invalid Test -Accelerator Pedal Movement 
P1536 Parking Brake Applied Failure 
P1662 IDM EN Circuit Failure 
P1663 FDCS Circuit Failure 
P1667 CID Circuit Failure 
P1668 PCM -IDM Diagnostic Communication Error 
P1670 EF Feedback Signal Not Detected 
P1690 Wastegate Control Valve Malfunction 
P1702 TRS Sensor Intermittent Circuit Malfunction 
P1704 Digital TRS Failed to Transition State 
P1705 TR Sensor out of Self Test Range 
P1711 TFT Sensor Out of Self Test Range 
P1713 TFT Stuck in Range Low-Below 50'F 
P1714 Shilt Solenoid A Inductive Signature Malfunction 
P1715 Shift Solenoid B Inductive Signature Malfunction 
P1718 TFT Stuck in Range High-Above 25OF 
P1728 Transmission Slip Error 
P1729 4x4L Switch Error 
P1744 Torque Converter Clutch System Performance 
P1746 EPC Solenoid Open Circuit 
P1747 EPC Solenoid Short Circuit 
P1754 CCS (Solenoid) Circuit Malfunction 
P1760 EPC Solenoid Short Intermittent 
P1780 TCS Circuit Out of self Test Range 
P1781 4x4L Circuit Out of Self Test Range 
P1783 Transmission Overtemperature Condition 
No Code No Communication 
No Code Auxiliary Powertrain Control System 
No Code Tachometer