Sinister SD-FUELREG-7.3 Regulated Return 99-03 7.3L


Sinister Diesel SD-FUELREG-7.3 Fuel Bowl Delete Regulated Fuel Return Kit

The Sinister kit is a high quality regulated return kit focused on a good fit and premium construction. This return kit is constructed of CNC machined billet aluminum parts and stainless steel braided fuel lines with nickel plated fittings. Sinister kits are known for the Sinister Diesel blue color which stands out under the hood showing you and your friends it's a premium fuel system upgrade. This regulated return kit comes with a fuel pressure gauge and allows the user to adjust pressure to keep a constant fuel pressure which will prolong the life of the injectors. This kit completely replaces the factory fuel filter bowl with the 10 Micron filter. Allowing you to upgrade your system with high flow fuel lines and a 6 micron canister style fuel filter that integrates right into your factory fuel lines. The filter block mount utilizes a hinge system for easy fuel filter replacement while giving your engine a clean upgraded look. This system is a fully functional package and does not need any additional parts to work. 3/8" inch quick disconnect tool is required for installation.

The Sinister Return Kit Features:

  • Sinister Blue Adjustable Regulator
  • Vibration Resistant Pressure Gauge
  • Better Filtration Efficiency
  • High Flow Fuel Lines
  • Hinged System For Easy Filter Change
  • Sinister Lifetime Warranty
Kit Contents:

  • Six Micron Fuel Filter
  • Sinister Fuel Filter Block
  • All New High Flow Fuel Lines
  • Adjustable Fuel Regulator
  • Oil Filled Fuel Pressure Gauge
  • Retaining Clips For Fuel Lines
  • Protective Cover For Braided Lines

Tags: Fuel System