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Tymar Cold Intake Kit 99-03


  • Brand: Tymar
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7.3 Powerstroke cold air intake system. The Tymar Performance Intake is one of the most effective combinations of intake volume and filtration. Has a filtration rating of 98% initial filtration efficiency and will lower EGT's because it is much less restrictive than the stock intake system. The turbo will spool quicker and doesn't have to work as hard to take in air. The 7.3 Tymar Intake is louder than most because it is an open element filter but many find the sound pleasing. The Tymar air intake includes an OEM Ford steel battery tray with filter holder, filter, boot, and steel elbow.

The Tymar is one of the original air intakes for the Powerstroke. It's simple but effective. Comes with a Donaldson Premium Air filter. Donaldson branded filters are designed specifically to give you effective, consistent performance over the life of your engine.