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OBS Tymar Intake


  • Brand: Tymar
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The Tymar Performance cold air intake is the most simple and most effective OBS cold air intake available. The Tymar intake is the best intake for the money and features an easy to find locally replacement filter. The #1 leading cause of 7.3L engines loosing compression is from dust intrusion from the stock, most of the time, broken air box. This should be one of the first upgrades done to any Power Stroke engine. The Tymar Performance air Intake is one of the most effective combinations of intake volume and filtration. The Tymar Performance intake has 98% initial filtration efficiency and will lower EGT's because it is much less restrictive than the stock intake system. The turbo will spool quicker and doesn't have to work as hard to take in air. The Tymar Intake is louder than most because it is an open element filter. You may ask whats wrong with doing a DIY kit using the 6637 filter from Napa? The answer is the 6637 filter isn't resistant to water! If you notice trucks that have done this the filter looks dirty after the first month from MOLD! Also the filter tends to fall apart after any rain and can easily be sucked into you intake causing engine damage. 

Kit Includes:
  • FilterMount Bracket
  • T-Bolt Clamps (3)
  • Intake Pipe 
  • 4X4X6 Boot