99.5-03 7.3 Powerstroke Banks Ram Air Intake - Dry Filter


Airflow equals power when it comes to diesel. And, that's why Banks created the Ram-Air Intake System-to ram power-producing air right down your turbos mouth. Removing the restrictions that leave your truck begging for more air, Banks unlock the potential for increased power, torque and fuel mileage.

The system's giant inlet, oversized tubing and enclosed filter dramatically cool and increase the airflow headed to your turbo and engine. This cooler, denser air charge makes for more efficient combustion and more fuel burning power.

Topping the system off is Banks' high-flow cone filter. 8-plys of premium cotton-gauze trap engine-killing debris while the fresh air continues its path to power. Reusable for life, simply clean the filter and reinstall for thousands of trouble-free miles.

The Banks system easily installs right in your driveway. And, it works with stock sensors, so there are no pesky engine lights in your future. Best yet, your Banks Ram-Air System is backed by a 5-year warranty, and the filter's backed for life.The Banks Ram-Air Intake intensifies airflow for maximum power and efficiency

  • Custom made for 7.3 Powerstroke Amplified and optimized airflow allow more horsepower and torque
  • Greater engine efficiency improves fuel mileage produces less smoke
  • Includes the Bank's Power cleanable high-flow air filter--8-plys of premium dry cotton gauze
  • Enclosed filter box keeps hot air and dirt out of your intake
  • Compatible with factory sensors--no trouble codes or check-engine lights to deal with
  • Reduces diesel EGTs on those long nasty hills Includes everything quick and easy installation
  • Banks Ram-Air Intake includes a 5-year warranty and a lifetime filter warranty Gains Up
  • To:+16 hp and +32 lb-ft