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Full Force Stage 2 Injectors 180CC/80% 400HP


Core Charge
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The stage 2 injector is for the 1994-2003 truck that wants more power for light towing or street performance. Choose the stage 2 for a hot street truck with moderate to lower smoke levels.

This injector feature internal modifications along with a larger nozzle size to maximize the power from the injector. The internals create more fuel flow with your choice from 160cc to 180cc. This extra fuel alone creates extra power. Now with a stage 2 to further increase the power with a larger nozzle. With this addition it make this injector high flow and quick to empty the fuel into the cylinder.

Each Full Force Injector feature all new major wear parts. The nozzles, plunger and barrels, internal springs, internal and external seals are all new. The non normal wear parts are also inspected for tolerance and those are replaced as need. Each injector set is flow match and test to ensure the better performance and power for many miles.

Stage 2 uses:

  • Hot Street applications
  • Light to moderate towing
  • Gauges highly recommended
  • Turbo upgrades recommended
  • This is the largest injector recommended for a stock turbo (turbo and intercooler recommended but not required)
18 month warranty. Custom tuning (available with you purchase) highly recommended for max benefits. Core charge required for purchase (see drop down menu)

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