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6.0 KC Turbos Stage 3 Turbo


  • Brand: KC Turbo
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6.0 Powerstroke KC Turbos Stage 3

Brand new turbo without a core charge.Stage 3 -Extreme street/Race. This the Turbo for you if you want to be able to daily drive your truck and race in competitions on the weekends. The stage 3 turbo will run great on the dyno and the track, with great drive ability around town. We do not recommend this turbo for those looking to tow heavy loads. 67.8x94mm single plane billet wheel with extended tips, .72 ar race compressor cover, 74x70 gt40 10 blade turbine wheel, new high flowing billet vanes, stainless steel unison ring, and upgraded 360 thrust bearing. 100% drop in (no modifications required) Supports up to 190cc injectors.